Since time eternal we humans have been asking ourselves, “How do I get high?

For thousands of years, we turned to our friends in the plant kingdom to help us with exploring the higher aspects of human existence.

In the early 1900’s, racist white politicians thought it’d be a good idea to wage a holy war against cannabis, which was minorities’ favorite plant for getting high.

Our days of darkness began on June 17th, 1971, when US President Richard Nixon declared that the United States would wage an all-out “War On Drugs”. This was an artful blend of misdirection and lies. What the government actually launched was a vicious war on plants.

How absurd is it that nature’s plants are supposedly “public enemy number one”? If the war was actually to be fought on drugs, the government would have gone after Wall Street’s giant pharmaceutical companies, whose modus operandi is ‘poison for profit’. DES – sold for decades to pregnant women to give their babies birth defects – was highly profitable for this industry. Tylenol has caused countless cases of liver failure, and year-in and year-out one of the most common causes of death is taking prescription drugs as they were prescribed.

The “Drug” War was always on Nature’s most-beneficial Plants: relaxants that help us chill out, stimulants that gave us a little boost (traditionally used to help us deal with high altitudes, and as an ingredient in the pharmacist’s original cola formula), and pain drugs offered by nature’s pharmacy.

If the government actually cared about us little people, they would’ve treated excessive/problematic use of the plants as a public-health problem.

Make no mistake: Wars are always fought between people. The ‘war on plants’ is just a metaphor, and a distraction from what they are actually doing. The ‘War on Plants’ is actually a war on people. By declaring war on ourselves, our society gave itself an auto-immune disease.

I don’t know if the government has ever launched a cruise missile against peyote, the sacred cactus, but I’m sure the Military-Industrial Complex is always happy to sell the government’s anti-plant warriors whatever armaments they ask for. Herbicides, bullets, handcuffs and prison contracts are highly-profitable to Wall Street too.

Evil people will do what they do. Society’s tumors have control of massive amounts of money, so it’s easy for them to hire good people to help in their evil war. None of the government’s foot soldiers actually believe that we should fight a war on ourselves. Everyone has to support themselves somehow, and the never-ending war against plants pays well.

But this discussion doesn’t really help you. All you want to know is, HOW Do I Get High?

As access to our sacred plants has been decimated by the decades-long war of terror fought against them, we don’t have the options that our ancestors did.

But there is a glimmer of hope: We can still get high, WITH RESTAURANT SUPPLIES!

The beauty of this means of getting high is that the oligarchy can’t possibly make getting high with restaurant supplies illegal, without also destroying Wall Street’s most profitable companies. While the ingredients can be misused, and someone will probably ‘take their last breath’ with it somehow, the instructions in this little e-book will help you expand your mind, chill out, get more energy, and live a more fulfilling life.

* Improve Relaxation – you can’t help but chill out when you’re getting high with Restaurant Supplies.

* Boost your Metabolism – ‘Restaurant Supplies’ gives your cells the stimulus they need to give you all the energy you can handle!


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